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  1. Thanks for all your amazing Patagonia posts! My husband & I are planning to hike the Circuit Nov/Dec 2018. 2 questions for you: (1.) Are you allowed to pack your dragonfly stove in your checked luggage? We have a JetBoil and were not sure if this is allowed or not. (2.) Is there any route finding required on the O Circuit? Based on your post, I don’t think so – but my husband thought he read somewhere that the circuit is not well marked.

    • Hi Jen, yes we packed out stove without any issues (obviously not with any gas though!). No, the O is very easy to follow as a) there will be other people on the trail and b) it’s just very clear where the path goes. If you want to take the short cut I mention on the first day if starting from the far east, make sure you have downloaded for the park as that has the paths marked on it and is very accurate. Hope that helps! Have a great time 🙂

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